Tempo-PCE have specialised for 14 years in low-pressure grout injection for repairing, strengthening and waterproofing masonry or concrete structures. We also offer standard high-pressure types of grouting, ranging from leak sealing to soil stabilisation.

Low-pressure injection enables work around existing services and delivers solutions where access is limited. We succeed where traditional work methods are simply not viable. The work can be achieved while the structure is in full use (e.g. a road bridge), drastically reducing costs and disruption to the local community. Usually there is no need to impose traffic restrictions.

Our methods of work are tailored to individual projects, based on specific needs. We take into account particular environmental considerations. We are also experienced in the refurbishment of heritage structures, where low pressure injection of lime, are particularly advantageous.

Our services cover all stages of a project from investigative works and feasibility studies through to full project delivery, including reporting, testing and post-repair load assessments.